Projects in Development


Feature Film

Script and directed by: Yoav Parish

When the brilliant gene researcher and activist Juth Fried loses her 20-year-old son Max, her world collapses. The grieving mother wants nothing more than to have her child back. She is ready to pay any price for this. When she heard about illegal animal experiments by the INGENE company, a fateful idea was brewing in her head.


Project initiated by: Liliane Ott

The augmented reality (AR) performance «In Transit» explores the state of being «in between»: between countries, languages, point of origin and destination. In public transit spaces such as train stations and passenger halls, we explore fleeting encounters between people traveling from A to B and the freedom that comes with this fleetingness. Using volumetric captioning and AR, we create an intimate experience that the audience can discover amidst the hustle and bustle of these transit spaces. With the use of a smartphone or tablet, viewers gain access to a performance that is invisible to everyday travelers and is intended to rouse the curiosity of passers-by and commuters.


Serial conecpt in development by: Liliane Ott

«World in a Box» is an international anthology series about people in shared houses around Europe, beginning with an alternative flat share in Basel. It explores the seemingly small everyday struggles of living together and how these struggles often mirror issues being fought out on the bigger stage of society.