In Production


Feature Film

Script and directed by: Simon Jacquemet
Production: 8 horses, Zurich
In co-production with: PerronX, Basel / unafilm, Cologne / Revolver, Amsterdam / Schweizer Fernsehen SRF / SRG and ARTE.


When his newborn son is threatened by a rare disease, a computer-scientist enters a pact with the complex AI life-form he is developing. This initiates a chain reaction that puts an end to the world as we know it.


Sonny and Akiko are overwhelmed with delight when their first son is born. As a computer-scientist, Sonny trains an artificial-intelligence neural network on an immense supercomputer. The network forms the electric mind of an ambiguous human being who solitarily struggles to survive on a simulated tropical island. 

Sonny’s project achieves a massive breakthrough and receives global attention. The supercomputer‘s cooling system breathes like a gigantic organism as the being explores its virtual world.

Sonny and Akiko’s life as young parents takes a tragic turn when their child is diagnosed with a rare, genetic disease of the nervous system. Their son might not survive his first year of life. Both parents drift apart into separate worlds. Akiko and the baby encapsulate themselves in a dreamy, melancholic world, which Sonny is not part of. He immerses himself into his research and develops fatherly feelings for the being on the island.

When the neural network becomes increasingly powerful Sonny’s superior at the university gets nervous and orders to shut down the project. With his child’s life hanging by a thread, Sonny allows the network to break out of its containment in exchange for an attempt to save his son.