Projects in Development


A feature film by Samuel Schwarz and Natascha Vavrina


1936, in a world populated only by women, left-wing and right-wing extremists fight each other in the most brutal way. Is there only one answer to violence?

An adaptation of Ödön von Horvàth’s play “Italian Night”.


THE NIGHT is an action-packed silent film with lots of music and the amorous entanglements of a young generation told with relish. Charlie Chaplin meets Quentin Tarantino and Godard: the film begins as a slapstick black-and-white silent film, becomes increasingly modern, action-packed, colourful and violent until the characters literally gain their voices and speak – and the silent film becomes a sound film!

A co-production with Maison du Futur, Zurich

Supported by the Federal Office of Culture and the Zurich Film Fund.